Student Perspectives

  • For the visually impaired, this is the text found on a slide on this page: It goes without saying that UW is a top-notch medical school that gives its students an excellent clinical education, and that the research opportunities at UW, the Hutch, and affiliates are as impressive in quality as they are in quantity. But in my mind, what really made the UW MSTP stand out was how happy the students are. There is a real sense of community within the MSTP, and I feel a lot of love and support from both my fellow students and the MSTP administration. On top of that, Seattle is a beautiful place with lots to do both in and around the city.” Gabby Entered ‘11 Stanford Undergrad
  • For the visually impaired, this is the text found on a slide on this page: I love the program. I have zero regrets about coming to the UW MSTP and Seattle. UW School of Medicine is unique in that it is both a top tier academic medical center whose mission also includes training the next generation of primary care doctors to serve the five states of WWAMI. I've had the opportunity and privilege of experiencing a wide range clinical experiences including quartenary care at Seattle Children's, care of veterans and active-duty soldiers at the Seattle VA and Madigan Army Medical Center, regional secondary care in Spokane, care of the homeless at Harborview Medical Center, and primary care in Seattle. I am fortunate to have done my PhD in the Department of Genome Sciences, which continues to produce a steady stream of world-class genetics research including regular high-profile publications in Cell, Nature, and Science. More broadly, the UW research community also includes the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children's Hospital. While applying to MD/PhD programs means quality of education comes first, it's important to realize that you will be spending 7 or more years at a single institution, and that you should ideally be living somewhere you can be happy. This is where Seattle is outstanding. Seattle is a well-known mecca for the outdoors enthusiast and the physically active. The weather in Seattle remains mild enough for outdoor activities year-round yet in the winter the nearest skiing can be found less than an hour away with many locals closely watching the ski report for powder days. In the summer, Seattle becomes truly vibrant where, although the sun can shine 12-16 hours a day, temperatures are cool enough that air conditioning in private homes is largely unheard absent. There are swims, runs, and bike rides within a day's drive every weekend, and outdoor adventures are easily accessible in the nearby Cascades, Olympic peninsula, and Salish Sea. Finally, the urbanite can enjoy farmer's markets, the well-known music and arts scene, and the local neighborhoods, each with their own character and unique history. Andy Entered ’05 Harvard Undergrad
  • For the visually impaired, this is the text found on a slide on this page: I chose UW for the broad, impressive research community, the incredible reputation of the medical school, and the nearby mountains. I moved here six years ago, and hope to never leave. My classmates in the UW School of Medicine are warm, smart, impressive students with interests ranging from highly-specialized academic medicine to rural Alaskan family med. My PhD cohort is equally impressive, having come to Seattle from around the world. And on my days off--or even in the afternoons after class, or in the early morning before I run into lab to run an assay--I am able to drive an hour to reach the Cascades for hiking, climbing and skiing. I don't know another area that supports such an incredible academic community AND allows such a great quality of life. My PI and I always start our meetings talking about my research, and end comparing our recent weekend exploits, from mountaineering on Rainier to skiing in Whistler to climbing at Index or Squamish. Sarah Entered ‘06 Yale Undergrad
  • For the visually impaired, this is the text found on a slide on this page: UW became an easy choice because it seemed to offer everything I was looking for. I liked, for example, that there was so much exciting research going on that it was hard to decide which faculty to meet with during interviews. I appreciated how it felt like people went out of their way to welcome me and give me a taste of life in Seattle. I thought that the campuses were beautiful and that the city was just amazing. I was deciding between UW and Columbia in the end and I’m glad I’m here at UW - I'm really happy with the research I'm doing and the friends I've made. I also don’t think I would be living so well or have had the opportunity to travel abroad if I were in New York on an MSTP stipend. Theo Entered ‘10 UC Berkeley Undergrad
  • For the visually impaired, this is the text found on a slide on this page: During the interview season there was only one school that made me feel like I was being welcomed into a family; and that's here at UW. The administration and current students were the most friendly, most open, and decidedly most happy of any of the programs I visited. I know UW has a history of producing top-notch scientists, but I was awed too by the collegiality between faculty, and the great rapport between students and the program directors. With Seattle as a backdrop to the program, my decision to come to UW was an easy one. BJ Entered ‘11 University of Minnesota